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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 2, 2012 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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visit us on facebook. hello, everybody, i'm beth troutman. we're going to look at great videos and tell you the stories behind them right this minute. new video surface of a cruise ship hammered by hurricane sandy. this is a shot of the gift shop. hear why passengers said it felt more like the poseidon. >> everything that wasn't attached, broke. >> an air traveler with a certain item told that's too much carry-on. a story for anyone who ever had to check a bag. cops say a guy tries to scam
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gas and catches fire. >> he was all burnt up. >> how the alleged plan backfired big time. plus, the friday buzz word for your chance at a new ipad and the story behind an edible strategy. >> they blew the cake up. >> if you're in the room, do you go like -- try to catch it? for the past few days we've been seeing the destruction and devastation as hurricane sandy made landfall, but what about the destruction at sea? take a look at this video shot by dr. david evan on a caribbean cruise. >> it was a brand new disney ship, the disney fantasy. >> the pool deck area was completely flooded. this is a shot of the gift shop. >> the ship began to lift from left to right so dramatically, the sliding doors to our bedroom began to suddenly slam. >> he even said his wife was in
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tears. >> saying, we got to call our boys, you know? >> this happened on october 25th and 26th. here's another video that a passenger posted from disney fantasy. look at this cell phone footage. you can see the water swashing too and fro with the motion of the ship. did they say they warned them, the storm is coming, put on your life vests and go to your rooms? the passengers did tell the passengers stay in your cabin. >> yes, stay in your cabins. >> go to your room, but even in your room you don't necessarily feel safe. we did reach out to disney about this incident, and they said the safety of our guests and crew is the high. given this was a difficult evening for our guests, we have provided them with a choice of a future cruise discount or discount at a walt disney world
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resort. this is the really short dash cam video from a police cruiser in wisconsin. he turns a corner on a very dark street. ended up causing a major power outage. and the street lights aren't working. look at what happens here. >> whoa! what the heck was that guy, just dangling in the middle of the road? >> out of nowhere, a pedestrian walking on the road was struck by the cruiser. he was dressed in all black in the middle of a power outage. >> wasn't even moving fast, just slowly moping around. >> that could probably be because the pedestrian was an 89-year-old man and there's very little time from the point where we actually see him in the video to the point of impact. unfortunately, as of yesterday, this man is in critical condition, so we don't know what he was doing on the road, but
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after an initial investigation, the sheriff's department determined that this officer was going 24 miles an hour in a 25 mile an hour zone. this officer was on the way to the humane society to drop off a dog. it was an unfortunate accident. the officer was immediately tested for drugs or alcohol and he passed that test. no charges are going to be filed. ryanair is a low-budget european airline, and some spanish travelers are calling for people to boycott it because of this incident caught on video. this woman talking was getting on the plane and ryanair said she had to get off. they called police to remove her from the plane because they said she had excess baggage. what do you see in her hand? >> jacket, book, one small bag?
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>> she also has a control. she said it won't fit in my suitcase. they called police to remove her from the plane. see the officer stepping out. >> there they go, dragging her out of there. >> really charged her full price for that? >> i don't know why it couldn't fit in the overhead bin, but if you want to be technical, she had the control and the bag. other passengers said they'll put her stuff in our bag. the woman had become disruptive and that's why the authorities were called in. gate agents also said she didn't show her i.d. there you go. if she was disruptive, she becomes a security risk. the people on the plane, when they hauled her out, they had something to say about it. they were ashamed by how the police hauled her off the plane. if she handled it better at the
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gate, wouldn't have happened. ryanair has allowed spaniards upset about this. it's friday, everybody, we have an ipad to give away. >> you have to be 18 or older to enter and have friday's buzz word. >> we'll be giviing you friday' buzz word, that's when you go to our facebook page. >> enter the buzz word. >> friday's buzz word in just a 18 ars or older to enter for your chance to win an ipad3. we had a close call caught on camera. let's go to skar scarsdale, new york. watch the car ahead of you and watch the big tree. this is, of course, during superstorm sandy dropping buckets on the area. you see that tree fall and almost land right on top of that car. this is back on october 29th.
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according to police, the person in the car was not injured, but extremely lucky and they put this video out there to use it as an example to stay home when there are dangerous driving conditions due to weather. if you look close, almost looks like the power lines might have saved this person. the tree gets caught up, that is what slows it down. let's shoot over to wilmington, north carolina. what do you see there? clear red light. person in the video didn't see that, boom, huge three-car pileup. this is the wilmington entrance to the bridge. a honda landed on the roof and emergency crews had to direct traffic and the bridge was shut down for about an hour. one person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries, but, of course, messed up traveling for lots of other people. look, the suv gets hit by the truck. that's the honda civic.
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you can barely see it. you can see as it goes off frame, it's already starting to tumble. just another example, red means stop. ♪ it's almost time to vote, and like most people, you're probably sick of seeing attack ads. so one politician is doing it differently. this is just a tranquil scene from a lovely beach in massachusetts. >> that would make you turn and look at the tv. >> see the ad making waves next. and a big ole fish gets caught. then -- >> they decided to send the fish back
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welcome back to the show, but don't forget to check in at great videos, all day long. a suspected gasoline thief is in the hospital after he
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catches fire and his flaming truck goes crashing into a house. yes, it happened, and, yes, it was caught on surveillance camera that a neighbor just purchased. we got this from our sister station abc 15 in phoenix. >> siphoning gas. >> he jumped out while it was moving. >> the car crashed into the garage. >> he caught fire, stop, dropped, and rolled like you see him doing right there. then he jumps in his own car, which catches fire. he jumps out of that while it's still moving, the car is on fire and it runs into a house. >> he paid attention to stop, drop, and roll. >> car is still moving, then it crashes into the house nearby and it's all on tape. >> how much damage to the house, did the house burn down? >> a neighbor was there and came
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out with a water hose to try to save the place, but the house did have some damage, as you see. >> this guy was trying to save a few bucks by stealing gas. the only lesson here, stop, drop, and roll. and don't siphon gas or don't steal. what a dufus. you might have heard it's election season. >> yeah. >> like most people, you're probably sick of seeing attack ads. well, a guy running for congress in the 6th district in massachusetts has come up with his own way of combatting some of the negative ads, and this is his current political ad. >> i approve this message. >> this is just a tranquil scene from a lovely beach in massachusetts. you hear the soothing sound of the waves and some text comes up that says, because you need a break from all the campaign ads. >> that would make you turn and look at the tv if for a second
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you didn't hear somebody going -- >> vote yes on america. >> finally, a second of peace. wait, what's that? >> i am not him, but i approve this message. >> what's the opponent's ad? >> he's returning ainst an cong majority of the voters are democrat. this is the way to get some attention. speaking of people who are really, really sick of political ads, you have probably seen this video, but i think this is a perfect reason to show it again. this is abigail evans. she's tired of barack obama and mitt romney. four years old, in tears. >> i'm tired of barack obama and mitt romney. >> we spoke to abigail's mom, liz. they told us they don't even have a television.
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she's upset about the radio. >> she's a swing state. >> the election will be over soon, okay? >> okay. taking a leap of faith. ♪ >> tacos, delicious food. >> thumbs up for me. >> canons can be fun in the right setting. why not combine the two? >> taco cannon? >> this is in austin, texas, and if you look right over here, there's a guy with a taco cannon shooting tacos into this crowd of people. they scramble for a taco that are, of course, wrapped up. what better way to have fun? >> better be really good taco. >> i don't care if it's a mediocre ta mediocre taco. >> baseball games, they shoot
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the hotdogs. they do this for fun. get free tacos shot at your face. >> that's literally getting your product out there. >> i'm surprised no injuries. >> funny if they shot the tacos, then the hot sauce. next time you're in austin, check it out. get a taco from a cannon. this girl is alaire, she's autistic. one of the things she's found calming, chickens, but the family is in danger of losing their farm. the plan for keeping the farm and the chickens on the next "right this minute." two videos coming at ya, but watch out. >> look out! >> see what happens when slush and speed don't mix. and stick around for your chance to win an ipad3.
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it's time for our friday edition of the best of "rtm." bonus videos on our website. >> as far as pranks go, this is dangerous. they are back, walking around columbus, ohio, with a pair of scissors and a lock of fake hair. >> sample of your hair -- >> people get super mad. >> give me my hair. >> yeah, that would make anybody
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mad. >> roman says, do not try this prank at home, but it made for a pretty funny video that's worth checking out. >> you know how you hear songs and make up your own lyrics? >> every day of my life. >> here's a video called misheard song lyrics. nirvana, pat bennett, misheard videos. to check them out, go to and check on -- >> best of rtm. we've seen enough videos to know russian roads are dangerous. now throw some snow into the mix. it is already winter in some parts of russia, snowy, slipp y slippery, and look out. truck gets out of shape, starts to jackknife. slides into this oncoming lane and nearly hits these two cars. >> he missed everything, just threw some sludge up in the
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windshield. >> these guys are driving like they are in the indy 500. they are flying out there. >> they keep driving. i feel like i would have become frozen. this may look like the same video, but it's a completely different ce.a similar-looking near miss. up ahead, two big trucks coming your way. same type of thing. >> oh! no! >> you can't help but duck out of the way. this guy keeps on going, that was close. >> i wonder what happened to that truck, looked like he was going to jackknife. >> who cares, you made it. see you later, dude. >> you don't look back on these russian roads. you don't ever look back. feisty ginger. >> let's get it on!
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i call this a delight and a tragedy. at the same time. >> at the same time. >> what i'm talking about is the tasted blog on youtube. look what they are making, this lovely cake. they call this a visceral ride of food and equally artful climax. watch what they do to this beautiful piece of edible gorgeousness. >> blew this cake up? >> they blew the cake up. >> what a waste of ingredients. >> that's a disappointing video. >> yeah, it is, unless you're standing in fire shot and it lands all over you. >> if i was eating cake right
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now, i would dump a little cake on the ground for this dead cake. >> they explode it in slow-mo, which is cool, but it's cake, you don't waste cake. >> if you're in the room and it blows up, do you try to catch it? it's friday buzz word time and the ipad3 giveaway. >> you have to be 18 years or older. >> you have to head over to our facebook page to enter. >> here we go. time to reveal the buzz word. >> and friday's word word is -- >> paranormal. head over to our facebook page and enter friday's buzz word, paranormal for your chance to win an ipad3. good luck, everybody. what animal goes -- little caden shows off his best animal impressions next.
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this is hayden. that's elizabeth. and that's skyler... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight.
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we're going to play a little game. you've got dog owner heading out to the swing set. what do you think the collie is going to do? >> jump on the blue swing and get stuck, collie is going to come in and bite the yellow handle bar things and swing that back and forth. the collie is going to come in, run up the steps, and go down the yellow slide. >> that would be a good video,
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but watch. owner sits down on the swing, barky. he's a little barky. >> all right. he hates the swing set. >> he either hates it or loves it. >> this video was part of an entrepreneur class, and the more views this video gets, the better the grade. >> we're bettering this guy's grade. >> and we're putting the challenge out to all of our viewers to watch the video and this kid might get an a-plus-plus-plus-plus. >> caden's animal voices. >> what's a bear make? what's a lion make? what noise does the snake make? what does the horsey say? what does a lamb say? what does a lamb say?
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does a lamb say baa? i got a unique look at a cash and release checkhis out, these guys caht110-pound, 60-inch halibut, but they weren't satisfied with hooking the fish, bringing it in, checking it out. they decided to send the fish back to sea with a souvenir. strapped a go pro to catch the release and see where he goes, what does he do after he struggled with the fishermen. they had like a long line on the camera and when the fish got far enough away, it would release and they'd pull the camera back. it's a bottom-dwelling fish. halibuts lay flat on the bottom. you can see the eyeballs moving around. probably trying to see what the heck was on his back. whole new meaning to fish-eye lens. >> all of a sudden, the camera
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kind of releases, falls to the bottom, and that's where they, i imagine, pull it back up. >> i want to put it on a lobster for one of those lobster fights. >> i wish it got farther, he went to the group of halibut, do not go after that orange lure. it's a trap. it's the second time you've been caught, george, when are you going to learn? >> crappy day in the ocean. that's it for us here on "right this minute." we'll see you next time. -- captions by vitac --
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